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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

STILL Storming!!!

That title looks like some soccer mom's Facebook status update, huh? Well, it's the truth. In fact, storms knocked-out the power in much of the surrounding area over the weekend through yesterday (Monday), as well as Internet and phone connectivity. The same storm also killed one of my phonelines, my DSL modem, and the motherboard on my brand new computer.

For those of you keeping score, that is the third computer I've lost to lightning/lightning-related incidents since I moved to my current residence. It's definitely atmospheric, as the node for the entire region is just about two miles down the road and the entire Web goes down almost everytime my house does. However, I have one of those towering TV antennae on my house, as do a lot of people around here. I'm having mine taken down...

I don't know what the real cause is, but there are certain areas that retain mist and fog as well, so I'm convinced it's atmospheric in nature. The soil itself may be so mineral-rich that it just attracts ground lightning, though that seems a little far-fetched and possibly even simplistic. The truth is that I do not know enough about this sort of thing to say, but it would be far more interesting if it didn't cost so much and use-up so many PCs!

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  1. All this storming is part of the reason I haven't been posting more and the reason for so many ads in such quick succession. I apologize for both, but am at the mercy of whatever powers there are insofar as all that goes.

    Also, if there are any meteorologists or geologists out there who are interested, this really is a phenomenon of sorts where the lightning is concerned. I'm certain the phone company and other interested parties would love to hear anything you have to say on the matter.