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Monday, August 1, 2011

Great White Leaps Aboard

Six marine scientists were researching four great white sharks in Mossel Bay, South Africa known for leaping out of the water when they attack seals. As one of the men chummed the water with sardines, one of the sharks broke the surface and became airborne, landing in the back of the boat atop the the bait and fuel containers.

The scientists attempted to wrestle the half-ton great white back into the water, but it proved too much for them to handle. As it thrashed about, it cut fuel lines and the men had to radio for help. They tied a rope around the shark's tail and poured water over its gills to keep it alive as their boat was towed back to shore.

There, a crane lifted the shark back into the water, but it couldn't find its way out of the harbor and beached itself about an hour after it was released. The scientists then tied its tail and dorsal fins and towed it out to sea, where it was released.

No one was harmed by the flying great white shark.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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