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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Texan Carves Pentagram into Son

A 39-year-old Texan man called 911 operators to tell them he had "shed some innocent blood" yesterday. When asked what he meant by that, the man admitted to carving a pentagram into his 6-year-old son's back to commemorate 12-12-12, "a holy day," he said. The mother of the boy called moments later from a neighbor's house to report the crime.

The boy was discharged from the hospital today. His wounds were not life threatening and are believed to have been made by a box cutter recovered at the scene. 12-12-12 was the last triple digit day of this century but it is not considered "holy" by any known religion. Pentagrans are most often associated with Satanism and paganism in general, despite the fact that the symbol is actually supposed to be a protective sigil against evil.

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