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Friday, June 7, 2013

Busy IRL and in Azeroth

I know posts have been sparse lately and I am solely to blame, however I am back in physical therapy at the moment and am co-GM of a guild in World of Warcraft. Even if you discount the latter as anything less than one of the most important undertakings of my adult life, PT is scheduled twice a week and I have been going for the last three or four weeks. I have about the same number of weeks ahead of me before I am done.

I am having to do seemingly mundane exercises that would not faze the average person but can be excruciating for me. There is a lot of heat, some electricity, and a little massage involved, but it is mostly heat and exercises. While the whole thing has loosened me up a lot, there are days when I am feeling just fine until after my PT visit.

I am still keeping an eye on interesting stories I come across and will eventually get back to posting more regularly but aside from the more frequent medical appointments I am facing, I am now co-GM of a new guild in World of Warcraft. Ours has a little roleplaying flair, or so I have been told, thanks to some clever details I and other members have insisted upon including. Part of my job includes maintaining the guild vault, which is no mean feat. In fact, today I have to completely restructure and reorganize this behemoth and I expect the process to take several hours.

As always, The OddBlog is still kicking, still going strong, it has just taken a backseat to other things right this moment. But I am not about to forget it, nor you great readers, and will be back periodically to bring you news of the weird, inexplicable, and downright bizarre. And, once my medical situation has cleared-up some, I should be back to posting regularly. Thanks for reading!

© C Harris Lynn, 2013

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