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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ancient Egyptian Statue Moves of Its Own Accord

An ancient Egyptian statue on display for 80 years at Manchester Museum has suddenly started moving in a perfect circle - of its own accord! Campbell Price, Egyptian artifacts curator, was among the first to notice the strange movement of the statuette. He thought someone had moved it without telling him but, days later, noticed the statuette in a different position. Museum officials installed a camera which caught the movements on film.

Some suggest that the design of the statuette and the fact that it is placed on a glass surface account for the strange movement but others aren't as convinced. The statuette has been on display in the same place for 80 years and has never moved before. Ancient Egyptians believed such statues housed the spirits of the dead and the hieroglyphs on the back of the object include prayers for the man identified as the inspiration for the piece.

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