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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Michigan Dogman Spotted

According to a recent report, the Michigan Dogman has been spotted again. This legend has persisted for over 50 years, going back as far as at least 1938, when a Robert Fortney saw a dog-like creature that reared up on its hind legs. He shot at the creature which fled. He later told people he "wouldn't want to call it a Dogman" but he couldn't explain what he had seen.

Several more reports came from a teenager who claimed to have seen the Dogman not once but three different times between 1993 and 1994. The teenager, only known as "Ben," reported that he thought he had seen three different creatures, perhaps all part of a "pack" of Dogmen near his home and around the Lakeshore Drive area. On two of these alleged sightings, he was accompanied by others.

Another incident collected in the annals of Michigan Dogman lore is a car wreck that police attributed to a deer strike but at least one witness claimed there were dark gray hairs left on the car and the driver was unable to identify what he hit.

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