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Monday, April 27, 2015


I realize this is taking longer than expected and I sincerely apologize but we really can't get back to business until we hammer-out the details. Changing the background and all of that wiped-out, or interferes with, some of the stuff we had on here - some of which is technical and necessary (such as a hit counter) - and we're trying to get that stuff back on here and working again. Of course, it had been years since we did anything like this here, so many of those providers have changed their policies and installation procedures, et. al., as has Blogger, which is a whole other headache.

Anywho, we have drafts backed-up for weeks but we can't get back to regular posting until things are working correctly. I'm doing what I can but if I can't get it straightened-out soon (possibly by the end of this week), I may do another major overhaul to see if that fixes things. I'll let you know beforehand if that's what I decide to do. I'm also taking some online collegiate courses that will help (one is on magic in the Medieval Age), so I'm currently pressed for time.

I held-off on posting these "updates" because I know that's kind of weak but since it's taken so long, I decided it was best to post some along the way. This entry is actually technically necessary to find out if I've reinstalled some things correctly and if they're working, so... Thanks for understanding and see you soooooon!

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