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Monday, July 20, 2015

Admiral Byrd, the Hollow Earth Exploration and UFOs

Hollow Earth Entrance
Hollow Earth Entrance
I'm sure you have all heard some version of the "Hollow Earth Theory" and some of you may have heard of Admiral Byrd, but I am not sure that any of you know the very depths to which this whole theory goes or Byrd's direct involvement in it. I know that I have had a passing familiarity with these topics for years, but this documentary blew my ever-loving mind.

Snag Films is a great site, but an even better Roku station, with thousands of great films and TV shows, and I'll be bringing some other selections from them to light off and on in the future, but this particular documentary is absolutely must-see viewing for any serious Ufologist or Hollow Earth theorist.

Best of all, it's free to watch and you don't have to signup!

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  1. We were watching this on Snag and it's funny after 44:10 he stops showing photos in his Presentation until 51:00 ?? It seems that the Interesting photos are omitted. I'm Curios as to why these photos weren't shown. It seems like there was quite a bit of editing going on !! I also think Admiral Byrd founded the Flat Earth Theory ?? What's your take ?? Where can I Find the missing photos ?? Thanks a Ton !!

  2. I noticed that as well! He goes into such detail as to how he had to go from morgue to morgue to get the picture(s) he was about to show, then it shows the audience gasping but not the picture!

    I'd be extremely interested to see what they saw.