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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shot Glasses

I live in a somewhat "dry" county - believe it or not, they still exist! We just got the "right" to purchase beer on Sundays a few years ago. In fact, I live only a few miles from the county line and they literally padlock the doors to the beer cooler after midnight and on Sundays. If you think that is weird, imagine how I felt the first time I saw it! Anyway, while beer is sold, liquor stores are not allowed. You have to drive 30 miles in either direction to get liquor, and I overwhelmingly prefer liquor to beer.

I also prefer to drink my liquor in shot glasses. I like mixed drinks just fine, depending on what I am drinking, but when it comes to getting hammered, I like to measure my drinking and chase my shots. In my younger days, we used to have shots with our rounds of beer at bars. There are plenty of bars here, but none serve liquor.

I know a lot of people like to collect shot glasses, and now you can get engraved glassware from Glass with a Twist - shot glasses with your own design and text.If you have ever caught our show, you know we like to play drinking games as well, and shot glasses are great for those! In fact, we may just have to get some personalized shot glasses just for such occasions...

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