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Saturday, February 10, 2018

US6011991 - Gangstalking Technology and The I/O Process (Naturalization)

The I/O Naturalization Process
The I/O Naturalization Process
US Patent #6011991 is a form of electronic "telepathy" using computers, satellites, and monitors.  Radio waves, infrared, and other forms of telecommunications technology can be broadcast directly into the receivers' brains using this (and suppressed) form(s) of technology.  While this is largely used by the US Military Industrial Complex and government, it is available to anyone with the money to afford it (such as corporations), means to develop it independently, or with connections to installations such as the Pentagon (DoD/CIA/Google under ALPHABET, Inc.).

Hearing voices is frightening -- especially when combined with force compression tech, gravitational wave tech, knowing that electronic home devices are spying on you, and worse -- and is usually enough to send one spiraling into a manufactured nightmare, and right into wherever They want you (prison, mental institution, military, et.al.).  The criminal underworld defines this as "Paranoia Schizophrenia," a non-existent and untreatable "disease" compounded by the prescription of psychotropic medications developed by the CIA in the 1940s and '50s (under MK-ULTRA) to accelerate these brainwashing techniques (Naturalization).

This is known as "The Process."

The ON/OFF technique is a particularly oft-employed hypnotic technique once thought (by this writer) to be exclusive to pornographers.  Pornographers use the ON/OFF technique to acclimate "young" (new to the business, not necessarily age-wise) marks to performing sex acts in front of a camera and crowd.  The "performer" is continually told that the camera is ON or OFF until s/he learns to ignore it, and the environment, and merely "enjoy The Process."  This breaks down their natural inclination to embarrassment, guilt, or shame, making them more willing to perform ever more daring acts.

This is classified as a Naturalization technique -- naturalizing the behavior of, or making the behavior seem natural to, the subject.  This is particular, but not exclusive, to I/O psychology -- or Industrial and Organizational Psychology -- a military specialty.  Interestingly, I/O in computer terms is Input/Output -- which is also slang for sex (particularly in the dystopian Cyberpunk genre -- "The Old In and Out").  In less clinical terms, it is known to pimps as "turning out a trick."

Both Christian extremist sects (basically, all X-ian church groups and schools) and Scientologists use the Naturalization Process -- as do pimps -- to exact a "flattening" of emotions and emotional responses, thus steeling their subjects against their targets' verbal response.  Lawyers and Law Enforcement personnel use it to train witnesses for testimony, and the military uses it as early as Basic Training.  Naturalization is a basic precept of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

In effect, The Process creates sociopathic personalities, which can also result in further psychiatric damage; the Naturalization Process is sometimes called "brainwashing."  In fact, there is literally a cult known as The Process Church whose members were known as the Processians, which we will discuss in an upcoming post (they're an early offshoot of Scientology).

Crazy shit, right?

Yet most of it works this way: Just as OSS, or Office of Strategic Services = SSO, or Special Security Office -- a division of COMINT, an UMBRELLA term.  Which, interestingly enough, also stands for both Social Security Office and Single Sign-On.  That last link is for a Single Sign-On service used by Law Enforcement in Arkansas -- the original home of the Clinton Network (NOTE: That link is being tracked; open with caution) -- which secured its Overlord status through the theft of a criminal database known as INSLAW in the late 1980s.  Parrable.com is another single-sign-on service used by Law Enforcement and paramilitary organizations working for, or under, the DHS, DoD, and/or other Federal government programs.

These anagrams, palindromes, acronyms, and easy-enough-to-overlook cryptographs are considered legal "disclosure" -- despite the fact that they are anything but, particularly to civilians and citizens who have no idea about interoffice abbreviations used in "classified" communications.  Take, for another example, the Clinton Global Initiative: An acronym for CGI -- the very epitome of "Fake News."

Similar methods are employed to "radicalize" individuals, particularly online.  By infiltrating users' social networks, and posing as friends and contacts, aggressive gangstalking escalates into open mockery, humiliation, and terrorism.  The victim gradually (or immediately) desires revenge, and the target of their revenge is either someone the gangstalkers want out of the way, or is quickly changed through a rotating pattern, signal delays or relays, and general confusion.  This "two birds with one stone" approach is favored by US police across America.

Notifications, an invention seized upon by fast-moving social media, accelerates this process by acting as poppers.  Technology developed by the CIA in the 1940s and 1950s -- especially by such luminaries as Pluharich and Lab Nine -- that include devices covered by Patent US6011991, 6506148-B2, US4877027, and others, are used to gangstalk targeted individuals and force them into destitution, prostitution, criminal activity, or otherwise compromise their health, safety, and livelihood so as to fully compromise and discredit them.

This overall Operation comprises such early programs as CHATTER and COMINT -- part of the UMBRELLA Project: ECHELON (SIGINT) used by the NAZI military forces and installations, governments, corporations, and religious and "psychiatric" institutions.  Or, basically, everyone with a desire to impress and enforce strict behavioral codes on Programmable Life Forms (PLF).

Machine code and the management, or Overlording, of peoples rely on the same I/O -- or Input/Output -- Process in order to achieve results.  This Naturalization Process, a fundament of Industrial and Organizational (IO) Psychology, is colloquially known as Brainwashing.

Enjoy your job, tools (see you in Church)!

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