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Thursday, April 12, 2018

We Don't Expect to be Around Much Longer

The National-Socialist Party
The National-Socialist Party
While we hope this post proves less prophetic than yet another file from a "tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorist," it appears the Combat Initiative Association has disabled access to our YouTube account(s).  This, after our Twitter accounts were suspended following "possible access by third parties," and tire tracks were found in the front yard.

We've been receiving death threats for years now, and complained about fake accounts under our names (as well as The Weirding) on Google, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms.  Most of these were traced back to the DHS, FBI, and ISraeli firms, although The Weirding.com was traced back to the UK defense contracting firm known colloquially as ISIS.  Our accounts have been hacked, our phones tapped, and our homes and privacy invaded; we have been gangstalked both online and off- for decades.  Small, personal items were taken or simply moved -- once while I was in the shower! -- in a continually escalating campaign of terror by a host of very "diverse" players (calico) intent on letting us know "They can get to us."

We have posts scheduled for weeks to come, and we hope you get to see them!  Some include exposes on OCT (Operation: Credible Threat), the #BLM (Operation: Black and Blue), the Phoenix Lights, the Church of Scientology, and more.

But I do not expect to have access to this account, the Internet, or anything else, soon; I was specifically told, "You will miss this."  Two drones then sprayed an "X" in the sky above my home while I was gardening earlier this week.

© The Weirding, 2018

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