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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How to Know if You Are in a Cult, Pt. 1

Five Divisions
Five Divisions
Zionism is at least as much a religion as Charlie Manson's cult was a family and, foreseeing the collapse of Zionist control in the region, the Church of Scientology has already established a base of operations in Tel Aviv -- proudly defended by one CFI, or Center For Inquiry (also Corporate Financial Institute and Christian Friends of ISrael in the UK -- purely by coincidence, of course).

Zionism was "developed" in the late 19th-Century during a period of Spiritualist Revival in America. Most sources link it to Europe, though more questionable research indicates it may have been developed in America or even Germany.  It is directly connected to several key players in the combustion engine field -- then called railroad barons, but now known as oil barons. *

All receive major backing and funding from the same slush funds as AIPAC and the ADL/EDL/JDL/et.al. Five Divisions "Security Council," or Five Eyes.  Five Divisions refers to the Old Testament; Five Eyes refers to a thoroughly corrupt international drug and human trafficking ring of child pornographers, mass murderers, and unrepentant war criminals.  The establishment of the criminal Five Divisions war cabinet, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) -- its reach furthered by the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (aka, the Dancing ISraelis Contract) -- is ISrael's direct "security liaison" in mainland America.

The NSA, CIA, NSC, and innumerable other Federal departments use this abuse of human rights to supersede international law -- just as former CIA analysts had said they would in the 1970s.  Information provided by luminaries such as Edward Snowden, Harold Martin III, and Julian Assange confirmed this network of super-predators working in tandem with military operatives stationed around the world.  These men, like ourselves, have been targeted by such homegrown terrorists with copious ties to ISrael, numerous European outfits, as well as Big Oil companies, and other Major Players (MP, for short).

Alphabet, Inc.'s own Eric Schmidt worked directly with the war criminal, Hillary Clinton, while serving as the head of Google, xxx.  Now an MP at the Pentagon, he uses information collected by Google, along with YouTube and other Alphabet, Inc. products, to discredit, censor, and target individuals, dissenting groups, organizations, and entire villages for war crimes, such as identity theft, gangstalking, torture, and drone strikes.  Content to participate in such war atrocities under Obama, then (hoping) Hillary Clinton, several YouTube employees recently pretended to oppose the idea after the media staged a false flag event with an Iranian they had gangstalked.  These Pentagon operatives use a variety of gangstalking methods, including fake accounts and identity fraud.

Not content with cutting-off Assange's Twitter account, his internet access has since been permanently disabled; Abby Martin's report on ISrael's fascism has been blocked in 28 countries (as we are now unable to login to our own YouTube accounts, although they are still visible); Snowden was forced to flee the country; illegal JDL operations, such as Hamilton-68, targeted individuals (including us) for silencing, indefinite detention, and Extraordinary Rendition; military operatives intentionally incited violence through disinformation, fake accounts, and identity theft; and the war crimes keep coming.  All of this was done with Malice Aforethought and has accelerated dramatically under John Bolton, who answers directly to ISraeli military generals.

That the Palestinians are being forced off their land and exterminated in the same fashion as Amer-Indians before them is no coincidence.  The concept that everything you should stay unaware of is coincidental -- that everything connected and covered-up is coincidental -- is a military disinformation tactic known as "Noble Lie."

ISrael is committing the same war crimes against Syria that it has against the Palestinians to expand its control of water and oil supplies.  This is part of an empirical overreach known as The Greater Israel Project (GIP).  Russia opposes this and has placed an oil pipeline in the same territory with Assad's blessing.  Zionism, an aggressively militant offshoot, is the Wahabbism of Judaism.  By plying young recruits through religious convictions, Zionism convinces them that they are "Chosen" -- a Master Race -- who have been historically wronged and must now take up violent methods to right this.

Zionism is a cult of identity politics, using religion in place of race, sexuality and sexual identity, or gender (or the lack thereof).  It promotes aggressively Right-Wing, or "Conservative" political leanings, based on the Five Divisions of the Old Testament, and is highly dangerous.  ISrael's recent war crimes in Syria and Iran exemplify Zionism as one of the greatest pseudo-religious, paramilitary threats throughout the world, and its dark influence is prevalent throughout the US military and police union.

But we'll get to all of that later... if They don't get to us first.


* Yes, it's true that the first Practical Zionists came from Russia, following the overthrow of the Czars in the early 20th-Century, but we refuse to play into the Neo-McCarthyism the Pentagon officials are clumsily forcing upon the world.

From the files of tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorists.

© The Weirding, 2018

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