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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

PHOTO: Phoenix Lights - Arizona, 1997

Phoenix Lights - Arizona, 1997
Phoenix Lights - Arizona, 1997
[First in series]

This is an eyewitness photograph of The Phoenix Lights, a major UFO sighting featuring multiple witnesses which occurred in Phoenix, Arizona on August 13, 1997.  Another famous Phoenix Lights eyewitness photo appears in one of our OddBlog banners, sometimes displayed above.  Sometimes referred to as The Phoenix Incident, the lights were seen as far away as Mexico, with reports of unexplained aerial phenomenon coinciding all the way to Nevada.

Another infamous UFO case from the late 1990s had occurred only one week earlier over Mexico City.  The size and shape of the crafts differ significantly in either case, but the general area suffered several, inexplicable aerial incidents involving craft at this time.  Eyewitnesses throughout North America, of which there were thousands, say this was no formation of individual units, but a single, immense craft.

While incredulous skeptics have fallen all over themselves to debunk the event as "flares," and the US military has kept mum, there is no official explanation for the August 13, 1997 Phoenix Lights UFO Incident over Sonora, Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona.

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