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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Starfish Prime, Dominic I and II: Fishbowl Films

Too few realize that the US military/political "electorate" and science-for-pay community are criminally insane -- they think they're "heroes" who are "just doing their job" through mass murder.  The Fishbowl series of nuclear explosions in outer space should change these peoples' minds, but probably won't.

In 1962, these "heroes" decided it was logical to set-off a series of atomic explosions in outer space, as well as within the Earth's atmosphere -- to, you know, find out what would happen if they did.  Probably a bit like stickin' a firecracker in a fishbowl, right?  That kind of "hold my beer Science" is bad enough but, when you're dealing with these pathological "heroes" and their G.O.D., it only ever gets worse:

Some evidence suggests that, by the time they were shooting the Fishbowl Films, the US had already established a military base on the moon.

Could it be that the Starfish Prime exercises, Dominic I and II, were designed to see what kind of atmospheric changes would take place if they repeatedly launched nuclear-powered, space-capable vehicles from the "Fishbowl" climate of Earth into outer space?

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