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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Streetcar Conspiracy

The Streetcar Conspiracy
The Streetcar Conspiracy
Removing the streetcar rail lines systems from major US cities was a conspiracy to force American consumers to purchase personal automobiles and local governments to switch to gas-powered buses as public transportation.

The concept of selling vehicles as "personal freedom devices" came about in the 1950s, following the effectiveness of the aforementioned corporate conspiracy.  It was only then that most ("nuclear") American families had cars they would allow their children to drive, as they were older models.

As an aside, I guess "nuclear family" just rolls off the tongue more easily than "Big Oil" family...  Speaking of, why is the logo for British Petroleum, or BP, an image of the sun and not a fucking dinosaur?

ANYwho, it was not until the 1980s that having more than one car per household became an American Standard (ahem) when both nuclear family parents were forced to hold down jobs due to stagnating wages and rising inflation -- caused by yet another fiscal conspiracy:

Nixon's 1971 decision to drop The Gold Standard.  The majority of Americans' Real Wages (wages after adjusting for inflation) have not increased since before 1980.

That's the thing about "conspiracy theories:"

Only Guilty Parties call them that.

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