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Monday, December 15, 2008

SAB Miller Opens Plant in Sudan

For 25 years, Sudanese have faced the threat of 40 lashes for drinking a beer. Now, SAB Miller - one of the world's largest brewers, is about to open a brewery there.

25 years ago, Sudan fell under Islamic rule and uprisings led to a two decades-long war. Even now, north and south Sudan are in disputes over oilfields and both are preparing for war. Tensions run high in the region, but the new SAB Miller brewery, in which the company has invested some £25 million, is as much a statement of independence as anything else.

Previously, restauranteurs had to bicycle miles to bring back as much alcohol as they could carry, with the Sudanese having gained a semi-autonomous state from the Islamic rule of the Khartoum in 2005. Alcohol remains hard to find in the region, but all that will change when the new brewery opens its doors.

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  1. it's really a good news for the town to have a brewery that will make them happier at sad times.