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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Skinheads Induce Birth on Hitler's B'day

Police in California underwent a street sweep, targeting an area gang known as the Inland Empire Skinheads, and said two of the female associates were found in maternity wards, attempting to induce labor so their children would be born on April 20th, Adolf Hitler's birthday.

The gang, also known as the IE Skinheads, is known by its red suspenders and black boots with red laces. Police say they are responsible for murders, assaults, drug trafficking, and area home invasions. The IE Skinheads are said to induct younger members by having them assault random people outside of public places. The random victims are chosen by ethnicity. The gang is said to contact new members and associates through social networking sites and is believed to be about 30 strong with some 70-odd associates - several of whom are highschool students or of equivalent age.

The sweep arrested numerous high-ranking members, including the leader, as well as the two mothers-to-be, and police believe this will crush the gang. However, the women did manage to bear their children on Adolf Hitler's birthday.

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