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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Hooded Folk in Black

Satanists and cultists were generally associated with cattle mutilation in the 1970s. To a very large degree, this was due to the Tate-LaBianca murders of 1969, which were performed by cultists from The Manson Family. Such "Satanic Panic" would later lead a bunch of Southern crackers to arrest and convict three innocent boys in West Memphis, Arkansas for the murders and sexual mutilations of three young boys most likely committed by a parental figure associated with one of the boys who now lives in Millington, TN. While some of the boys are receiving retrials thanks to the shoddy "workmanship" of the so-called police and other lawmakers who colluded and conspired to destroy them, all said lawmakers have since been promoted and it is unlikely the innocent boys who have come to be called the West Memphis Three will ever be freed - until the people who put them in jail are dead. Let us pray for their early deaths - hopefully at the hands of an angry mob.

But I digress...

It is impossible to know if any of the stories regarding cultmembers and "men in black hoods" are true, but the eyewitness accounts - many of which were verified by more than one person in the areas at the time - do ring true.

Take the case of the blue vase discovered by a Colorado man back in 1975: inside, he found a cow's ear and tongue, along with a scalpel. Many mutilated livestock were discovered in Colorado in the 1970s, several of which were sent to a local veterinary college for autopsy. Unfortunately, only a handful were in such a condition as to be autopsied. Five of the six which were in good enough condition to be examined had died of natural causes and were determined to have later been mutilated by humans. This could never be proven, though - even by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, which got involved. The story even appeared in Esquire magazine in 1975.

Several farmers, ranchers, and hikers complained of black helicopters and twin-engine aircraft flying about during this time. One farmer said an unmarked, white helicopter opened fire on him as he drove his tractor in a field near his home! But we'll get to those later...

Near Cove Creek in Idaho, a forest serviceman reported several figures dressed in black robes and hoods in September, 1975. The next day, several cattle were found mutilated in the general area. Even though a search was launched, the assumed cultists were never found. On October 9th of the same year, a motorist on Highway 95 in northern Idaho was forced to turn his car around when he encountered 15 "masked people" forming a roadblock with linked arms! It was about 3:30 in the morning. 3am is often associated with black magic and cults dedicated to dark gods, especially witchcraft.

1975 was a remarkable years for cattle mutilations in the U.S.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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