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Saturday, August 15, 2009

UFO Reports Lead Police to Mutilated Cow - Twice!

On March 10th, 1975, a rancher from Whiteface, TX found a mutilated heifer in the center of a 30' patch of flattened grass. No traces of blood were found anywhere near the cow, but its neck had been twisted "grotesquely" so that it appeared to have died staring at the sky. Its tongue and sexual organs were gone. Its navel had been cored from its abdomen.

A few days prior, the rancher had discovered a mutilated steer in the center of a field of scorched and flattened wheat. The local sheriff tested the area for radiation and received a positive reading, so he called-in experts from nearby Reese Air Force Base whose readings indicated a minute difference in radiation from the surrounding area - as small as perhaps 1/2% - but the sheriff was never told why there was any difference at all.

UFOs in and around Whiteface, TX were reported throughout the early months of 1975.

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