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Friday, April 16, 2010

Second Possible Pizzly Dropped

An Inuit hunting on Victoria Island may have felled the second confirmed Polar/grizzly bear cross. The first, felled by American hunter, Jim Martell, in 2006, was also felled on Victoria Island. It is now on display.

While the coloring of the bear is consistent with that of a polar, its head and paws are distinctively shaped like those of a grizzly, leading experts to wonder if it is another hybrid. One expert noted the specimen may have brown hair around its paws, as well. Another noted that blonde grizzlies do exist - some of which are so light as to appear white - but also said it was still early in the year for a grizzly.

DNA results are expected to put the matter to rest. Those tests are expected this week, and until then, the hunter who felled the possible pizzly is keeping mum. But he's betting it's a hybrid.

While legends of pizzlies have persisted for generations, scientists poo-pooed the idea, as grizzlies were not thought to travel that far north. The two species also have similar mating habits, but were not thought to be compatible. The 2006 shooting lead many to speculate global warming was to blame, but The OddBlog must point-out that legends of the pizzly have persisted for generations.

So... maybe the scientists were just plain wrong?

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