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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Teen 'Eyeballing' Leads to Trouble

This is not that kind of story (though there is no dearth of them these days); this is actually a story about a new "fad" amongst some teenagers. We were all stupid kids when we were, well, kids - I wrote the book on Stupid many a time, or at least a chapter here and there - but I'm not sure this one ever came-up except maybe on a dare (and well after everyone was already too drunk to feel it):

According to some experts, teenagers have taken to pouring vodka in their eyes! It's called "eyeballin," and they are not doing it to get drunk, but after they are already wasted (like I said...). There are now hundreds of YouTube videos of the act, and some say it is increasingly common at parties and large gatherings.

Experts warn that vodka can actually burn away the top layer of the cornea, eventually leading to blindness, though scarring is more likely. This lesser damage comes with its own perils, including infection.

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