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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Posting Temporary

I know we've gone back and forth over this issue for years now, but just as in many of the cases where I've had to suspend the usual schedule in the past, this is a temporary thing due to personal issues and so forth.  Basically, you should expect some weekend posting throughout the next several months -- it's probably best to say throughout the summer -- but not necessarily every weekend. I still need some time off here and there!

In short, nothing's really changed; once everything is cleared-up and I get back to my normal schedule in my own life, we will be going back to weekday-only posting here and on the other blogs.  I'll also quit posting these, fairly obvious, alerts. But because the next few months will be... weird, with some weekend posting and probably several weekdays missed, I figured I'd give you the heads-up.


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